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Visit us at Foodpro 2021!

YOU’RE INVITED! We’re inviting you to visit us at Foodpro 2021! For more than 50 years, foodpro has been bringing together the entire food manufacturing and processing sector, celebrating the contribution of Australian food producers, manufacturers, and distributors. Only running every … Read more >

Sustainable Food Packaging: What is Eco-Friendly Packaging?

Before the 1960s, words like “eco-friendly, sustainable, green and non-polluting” were almost non-existent. However, with the world deteriorating fast, we can only hope for a tomorrow if we adopt sustainable and eco-friendly packaging, products and methods. The environmental awareness campaigns … Read more >

We’re heading to Hort Connections 7-9 June 21!

Celebrating the international year of fruits and vegetables Widely regarded as the largest Australian horticulture event of the year, Hort Connections 2021 is only 72 days away and SELECT EQUIP WILL BE THERE! With the theme of ‘Celebrating the international … Read more >